On Wednesday night there was a £2,152,226 Lotto jackpot to play for but no ticket holders managed to complete an entire set of six lottery numbers to walk away with the multimillion pound top prize. This means that tonight’s Lotto results could be making one lucky ticket holder £6.1 million better off in an instant but was it you?

If you bought Lotto tickets for tonight’s UK Lotto draw, here come the lucky numbers that you need to see if you’re a jackpot winner! The Lotto results for Saturday 16th March 2013 are as follows:

Lotto: 01 – 11 – 12 – 27 – 48 – 49 Bonus Ball 19

The big lottery news story of the night so far is that FIVE ticket holders shared the £6,022,815 rollover UK Lotto jackpot, each taking home £1,204,563 in return for their £1 ticket.  13 other lucky players matched five of the six main lottery balls plus the bonus ball to walk away £91,611 richer and a host of other smaller prizes were won by over half a million other Lotto ticket holders.

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