On Wednesday night, the £2 million UK Lotto jackpot was shared four ways, with each lucky player scooping £506,128 for matching the six main lottery balls, so tonight’s Lotto jackpot stands at £3.8 million. Even though it may not be as big as lottery jackpots such as the US Mega Millions and Powerball Lotto, nearly £4 million is still quite a payday, especially if you win it all to yourself!

If you bought tickets to the Saturday night Lotto draw, here come the numbers you need to see if you’re a winner. The Lotto results for Saturday 6th April 2013 are as follows:

Lotto: 11 – 21 – 22 – 41 – 47 – 48 Bonus Ball 36

As promised, we’re back with an update from tonight’s Lotto draw.  The big lottery news story of the night coming from lottery officials at National Lottery HQ is that a solitary ticket holders bagged the £4,217,690 Lotto jackpot, while 13 players won £99,826 for matching five of the six main lottery balls plus the bonus ball.  See below for a full prize breakdown and draw details.

Lotto Prize Breakdown and Draw Details:

Draw No: 1,804

Draw Machine: Arthur

Set of Balls: 2

Balls Matched Number of Winners Prize
Six 1 £4,217,690
Five + Bonus Ball 13 £99,826
Five 288 £2,816
Four 18,677 £95
Three 396,201 £10
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