It’s been a fortnight since we last saw a rollover UK Lotto draw, with jackpot winners in the last four draws. However, tonight is a different night and there will have different results, for sure but will you be lucky? Will tonight be your night, the night you write your resignation letter and book a Caribbean holiday? Let’s see.

It’s time to check your lucky numbers against the ball selected during tonight’s Lotto draw. The UK Lotto results for Wednesday 24th April 2013 are as follows:

Lotto: 09 – 11 – 16 – 17 – 18 – 38 Bonus Ball 47

The big lottery news from tonight’s UK Lotto draw is that the jackpot was not won. You know what that means kids…it’s rollover time! We reckon that, if previous rollover draws are anything to go by, the Saturday night UK Lotto jackpot will be up to the £6 million mark. See below for a full prize breakdown from the Wednesday night UK Lotto draw.

Lotto Prize Breakdown and Draw Details:

Draw No: 1,809

Draw Machine: Arthur

Set of Balls: 3

Balls Matched Number of Winners Prize
Six 0 £0
Five + Bonus Ball 6 £94,481
Five 244 £1,452
Four 15,255 £51
Three 297,050 £10

UK Lotto Results

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