Keeping an eye out for scams has become part and parcel of the process for Facebook users and it seems there’s always one or two doing the rounds. This week, if you’ve received a private message saying you’ve won the Facebook Lottery then you’ll be glad you’ve hit this page.

The message, sent either via email or Facebook messages claims to be from the Facebook Claim Administration department and invites you to collect a substantial win from the Facebook Lottery. The message states that despite attempts to contact you, they have not been able to get in touch and you need to contact them about your win.

Now firstly let us reassure you there is no such thing as the Facebook Lottery. It might also be a good time to mention that no one is giving away iPads in memory of Steve Jobs either, and the link you clicked for the free £50 Tesco shop is also likely to be a scam or spyware.

This message is from scammers, the Facebook Lottery does not exist, and if you follow the invitation through and get in touch with these lottery scamsters, you’ll be asked to send hundreds of pounds to have your win ‘couriered to you’.

There’s a simple rule in life, and Facebook is one of the places it most needs implementing. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Besides anything else, if Facebook had launched a lottery, were you likely to have missed it? It would surely have appeared in the lottery news pages. After all, the slightest change to the way Facebook runs and the whole world is talking about it. If Facebook launch a lottery, you’ll be very unlikely to miss it!